Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roman Blinds, Blackout Blinds

Roman Blinds, Blackout Blinds

      I think you’re familiar with the Roman Blinds? What do you reckon of them? Though they were invented in the work of the Roman times, due to its timeless elegance a majority of people still find them  classy! Naturally when it comes to giving the interiors a luxurious elegant look roman blind is a best choice! In case you  are planning to buy Roman Blinds you may need to know a bit more in detail about them. The cloth that is used in Roman Blinds comes in variety of textures and patterns.

Here is Little fascinating Historical Truth of Roman Blinds:

  1. I find the history of things interesting & Roman Blinds is no exception. The name tells the Roman Blinds was invented in Roman times & the roman architectures are always classy so as Roman Blinds. four thousand years ago there were no such things as glass for your windows. It just looked like a holes in the walls. But surely it looked better than a hole. they had nothing to cover those holes.
  2.  During that time all the people used to travel on roads that were full of dust and dirt due to dry and hot climate. in the course of the time of Roman Coliseum construction, the constructors were making carved stone structures. This polluted the environment a lot. For this reason the common people covered their windows which looked like holes with damp clothes so that they can avoid the undesirable dust in to their house. they found that these are also helping them from the heat of the sun. in the course of that time the innovative Romans realized that they need something that will defend them not only from dust & dirt but also from heat & ultraviolet rays of the sun everlastingly. As the Romans loved creativity so the Roman Blinds were no exceptions. One fascinating fact about Roman Blinds is that though they were created originally to protect from dust & heat but Romans with their creative minds made it a tool to embellish their homes. soon they were made with different materials available in the course of that time & they were of different colors & were painted also. But it was also the fact that how nice & artistic the blinds looked was depended on the fact that how prosperous the people were.
  3. Through the times the Roman Blinds were basically on hand and have innovated with strings and cords that are simple to move up or down. Not only has it  helped us in the coursework of the summer from heat but also in winter by warming the atmosphere. Slowly and Steadly the Roman Blinds are present in different materials and textures such as wood, cloth. Blinds that are made of garments are tiresome to maintain so they also invented Bamboo Roman Blinds as a substitute.
Top Reasons for Choosing Roman Blinds:
  1. It can be installed quickly in few seconds without screws.
  2. Wide range of styles, colors and varieties are available in the market.
  3. It insulates against both heat and cold. Saves lots of money and energy.
  4. Roman Blinds are the most modern and graceful blinds to decorate your windows. They add a touch of class to all of your rooms.
  5. If you even buy a better set of Roman Blinds then they are also cheaper than the whole set of curtains.
  6. You can have a system of pulleys and cords to park the blinds up.

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